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Kim Southall, Don Gaddis, Jay VanStory, Joe Koniski, John Peters, Elizabeth Golebiewski, Emmett Mapp, James Love

Current Events
High Court Affirms Trial Court Decision
The Convictions of Bob Gondor and Randy Resh Vacated!
Read the Decision Here
Motion for New Trial Granted for Jim Love
First District Court of Appeals Vacates 4 Life Sentences
Judgment Appealed From Is: Reversed and Cause Remanded

Past Current Events

You're supposed to be better than the people you're prosecuting.

Cuyahoga County
Case Details
John Pudelski
John's little girl Elly only lived 12 days due to complications and injury during labor and birth. Prosecutors see this sad situation as an opportunity to get another conviction. There is absolutely no evidence to even suggest that anyone had ever caused Elly any harm.
Case Details
Fred Luckett
After being in prison since 1979 for a conviction of 3 counts of rape, DNA tests now show that Cuyahoga County Prosecutors got the wrong guy, but they don't want to admit it.  The prosecutor has appealed the new trial that was granted. Released on Parole!
Case Details
Don Gaddis
Don was coerced into a guilty plea not knowing that there was absolutely no evidence to support the prosecution's rape case.  The examiner said that there were no signs of any injury. The only crime committed here was done by attorneys.Released: completed sentence
Case Details
George Laguta
Five witnesses and a solid alibi say George wasn't at the bar that night. Strange that the attorneys never asked them about that at the trial. Deceased.
Case Details
Eugene Johnson
Derrick Wheatt
Laurese Glover
Free the East Cleveland 3!  Three teenagers and many other residents witnessed a shooting in February of 1995, but the investigators said that "somebody has to go down for it."  Absolutely no evidence against them, and several witnesses confirmed that it was not them.
Case Details
Joseph Powell
When Joseph was attacked and threatened, he stabbed the victim in the shoulder in self defense. His ex-girlfriend's testimony made it sound like he was the attacker, even though she kept changing her story. It couldn't have happened the way she described it. It's obvious to everyone that she lied, everyone but the judges, that is.
 Fairfield County
John Frazier
John Frazier
A Dairy Mart store in Lancaster was robbed at gunpoint. As police searched for the suspect, Officer Brett Markwood was shot and killed. But John was not there. John was kept in isolation and drugged for three years before he was sentenced, but was never found guilty.
Summit County

Brett Hartmann
Although his relationship with Winda Snipes easily made him a suspect, there is no real evidence to prove he murdered her. The lack of investigative work and conflicting statements in his trial raises serious doubt. On Death Row
Lake County
Case Details
Anthony Constant
Tony could not possibly have robbed a store in Madison, Ohio, while he was in Indiana. He has a solid alibi, and there is no real or implied evidence to connect him to this crime. No real police work, either.
Stark County
Case Details
Kimberly Southall
As an alibi for Robert Norris, Kim was threatened with the same charges if she didn't change her statement and lie against him.  She was convicted of rape with no evidence even though the alleged victim testified that Kim was never in the bedroom. Released on Parole!
Case Details
Esmond Neal
"Esmond didn't do it.  He wasn't even there."  That was the story of a suspect in the shooting before he was convicted and offered a plea bargain for a lesser sentence.  Then he changed his tune.  There has never been any evidence to link Mr. Neal to this crime.  Fingerprints found at the scene were never investigated.
Case Details
Emmett Mapp
There has never been any evidence to tie Mr. Mapp to the murders of Lowell Green and Mary Budd.  The crime lab testified that someone else was at the scene of the crime, bleeding, but they refused to investigate it to find the truth.
Jefferson County
Joe Koniski
Joseph J Koniski
Joe is the victim of a classic Steubenville Police frame up.  The testimony of the arresting officer (who claims that he was stabbed during a minor traffic violation) was completely shot down by all evidence.  They introduced the police radio tape after sections were erased, and made up the blank sections for the select jury.  This case is unbelievable. Released on Parole!
Lucas County
Case Details
Elizabeth Golebiewski
Her husband killed their 19 month old daughter.  His attorneys worked with the prosecutors to pay a jailhouse informant to lie on the witness stand.  Then he raped and beat their older daughter for 4 years.  The new affidavits tell the truth, while you pay to keep her hostage.
Max Macias
Maximino Macias Jr.
The alleged victim wasn't raped at all. Max was working 70 hours a week. Her story changed and his rock-solid alibi shows that he was set up. Released: completed sentence
Madison County
Cindy Sanders
Cindy Sanders
Cindy didn't know that her new boyfriend was a killer. Jeff had her pick up Bill to give him a ride home, then shot him in the car while she was driving. She didn't even know the man, and she certainly didn't shoot him or plan it. Jeff even made an affidavit that says so! Released on Parole!
Montgomery County
Case Details
Willie Jenkins
No assault or rape ever took place! In fact, she testified in his defense! She told the Jury, Grand Jury, judge, police and prosecutors that these charges were false. This fabricated case is incredible.

David Clark
At age 15 he witnessed a house fire, and tried to help the victims, but he was in the wrong place: Dayton, Ohio. After the Miami Valley Crime Lab tests came back negative, police took his clothes to another lab, and the results were very positive! Tried as an adult. Previous testimonies recanted.
Case Details
Antonio DeLeon
Antonio was not at the scene of the shooting, but with his fiancee. Yet again, hearsay, conjecture and lies surround a case from Dayton to convict a man who was clearly not a suspect. The State's best witness made it clear that he was not the shooter. The real criminal is still out there, armed and dangerous.
Hamilton County
Case Details
James Love
After eight years, the complaining witness alleged the felony took place while he was out of the country, and before they met! The affidavits highlight the lies told by Sarah Adams. Motion for New Trial Granted!
Clermont County
Case Details
Case Details
Linda Barnes
Case Details
Ron Humfleet
Case Details
Jack and Linda were poor, and barely had a place to live, but they never molested their kids.  After their children were put in a foster home, they would be punished if they did not say that their parents had abused them.  The children were brainwashed into saying that they had been abused, and taught to say so in a courtroom. Now that they are grown, they have recanted the programmed testimony, and tell the truth about their childhood.  The affidavits of these boys tells the horrifying story of how the foster parents were the real abusers. This is a classic case of what is happening to many families thanks to the government's Children's and Family Services department.

Ronnie and Earl were just thrown in for good measure, because they were poor too. They were all tried separately, for the same case.

Licking County
Case Details
Virginia LeFever
Although her husband committed suicide, someone wanted a conviction.  Through a scientific review and analysis of the autopsy and drugs, this Registered Nurse has proven her innocence. She has proven the coroner's cause of death report to be false through scientific investigation.

Denni Frase
Pat Dolan accidentally overdosed ingesting morphine, while drinking and getting high, but the life insurance policy wouldn't pay unless the death was ruled as a homocide, and Chief Zellner had everything to gain.
Franklin County
Case Details
Raney Mease
Raney didn't know anything about a gun or plans to rob Johnny Meek, and stayed in the car.  After bullets started flying, he ran to get help.  Charles Tucker lied in court and said that Raney gave him the gun and kicked down the door.  Now Tucker recants his testimony and tells the truth: Raney had nothing to do with the robbery or shooting.
Jerry McMeans
The Court and Attorneys knew his stepdaughter had brought false accusations against other men before...but went ahead to convict him anyway. 
Court appointed public pretender knew that two of the jurors were biased, but did nothing about it.
Wyandot County
Case Details
James Stamper
After David Hutchens drank half a bottle of whiskey, he picked a fight with everyone.  Stamper told him to knock it off, and Dave attacked him.  Stamper gave him a black eye and he left, went to a bar and got into another fight where he was seriously injured.  Hutchens tried to blame Stamper for the eye injury.  Now the prosecutor wants Stamper to stop his appeals. You're not going to believe this one.
Lubbock County
Case Details
Jay B. Van Story
The jury just couldn't believe that the prosecutors could be that corrupt. Travis Ware and his first assistant, Rebecca Atchley, were quite likely the most corrupt prosecutors in U.S. history. A federal injunction was issued against them in 1993 under the RICO Act. They were found to have conspired to maliciously prosecute numerous individuals and to have procured perjury in numerous cases.

Above: 32 Inmates; 27 Cases; 4 Paroled; 2 Released; 2 Deceased


The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has 35 institutions confining over 44,000 inmates. DRC List of Institutions

It is estimated that 15%-20% of the inmates in the United States are innocent of the crimes they have been convicted of.  Many are the victims of unjust government policies.

The United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, admits that statistically 8% to 12% of all state prisoners are either actually or factually innocent.

If you want to locate someone in the Ohio prison system, you can search for them at the Ohio DRC page.

How much does it cost you?
The average annual cost of keeping the 29 hostages shown above is about $638,000.

If 15% of Ohio's inmates are innocent (around 6,800) at an average annual cost of $21,872 per prisoner, you are paying over $148.7M each year for the state to hold them hostage.

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I regret that I can no longer keep this site up to date or reply to emails in a timely fashion.

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