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Thank God!!!!! There is someone out there understanding that there are innocent people in prison.  I need to tell you my brothers story...the judges Bailiff came and told me and my sister during jury selection that it "looked bad for my brother, the deck was stacked against him", was his quote to us.  There is so much more.  Please help me and my family Please.

The more we work together, the sooner we get change.  Your site is very needed. Are there groups like yours in other states?  We need one here in Texas.

I feel that a lot of injustice has been done to a lot of people in America & I think it's about time that people take a stand to the ignorance that goes on in our legal systems & police stations across this country!

I am very encouraged by the fact that you operate a web site dedicated to publicizing wronful convictions and raising public awareness. That is just what is needed. Kudos to you!
- Jay VanStory, Huntsville, TX

Just read your plight........I believe you're telling the truth...keep up the good fight and I hope you win.  All counties are crooked in one way or another, but Jefferson County takes the cake.

I believe everything you have stated and I only hope and pray that some day this will all come to an end for you.  I had to move to the other side of the country to get away from all of Steubenville and still don't feel so safe from them.  They totally ruined my parents life there.  I, myself, went through a lot with them, I had that law suit that I think my attorney may have sold me out on with Stephen and John.  From the beginning he (my attorney) said we had one hell of a case until one day he met with Stern for lunch.  Go figure, Ha!!  I wish that I could find someone else to try this case again.  Someone who Stern could not get to.  I am sure that you know what I mean.  I feel so sorry for you.  Just don't ever give up and you someday will come out the winner.  Believe in God!!

I read a story in the Herald Star this morning about you. I got on your website and read the story you wrote.  I know it's the truth, like many other of your friends do. But when nobody knows what to do to help it's tough. How can I help?  If there is anything I can do, I promise you, I will, and you know that I keep my word.  If you know of any way that I can help, have someone get in touch with me. 

We think you are doing a GREAT service to the inmates of Ohio, and your site is very impressive.
- Jason Lom, PrisonerLife.com

It appears that everyday now someone will tell me that they been to your website.  Word is getting out, and I think that's what it's going to take.

It's really wonderful having someone dedicated to God in this way.  I guess from my end, I picture myself rotting in jail for something I didn't do and it makes me sick to my stomach, and if there's anything my sister and I can do from this side of the bars, then by the grace of God we will do it.  Thanks again for ALL your help, and may God bless you for all your efforts and love in the Lord.

It is very heartwarming to find someone who actually cares about the wrongful convictions in this State of Ohio. I donít care of the percentages stated by the government of the wrongfully convicted, for if it is one person, it is too many, and statistics only show, from the ones who have proven the Conviction was wrong. How many are incarcerated, without knowing how to prove the wrongs by the State.  Thank you for your web-site, in seeking the Truth.

I just heard about this website and it made me cry to know someone believes there are innocent people in prison.  My husband is one of the innocent men in prison because of the evil going on in Lorain County.What a tragedy it is to let these individuals get by with their crimes against humanity, just to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public. We truly believe God will give all the evil
prosecutors, lawyers, judges and law enforcement their earned justice some day.  We forgive them all and pray for their evil hearts. Thank you so much for not being afraid of all the evil doers who serve in high places in our state.

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