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April 9, 2004
NCCI: Inhumane Conditions Reported
James Williams 248-087, had surgery on his eyes last year, and recently went blind in February. Now he is held in the infirmary away from the general population, and sources say that his cell is a mess with garbage everywhere, his clothes are grimy, and the place has an awful stench. 

October 25, 2003
Parole Reinstated
After many phone calls from myself and her family members, the PB held an executive metting and voted to continue Kim's parole. It appears that someone tried to use her web site here as a valid reason to keep her in prison longer. However, free speech is still legal here.

October 25, 2003
Parole Revoked by Victim Services Day Before Release
Alleged ďNew InformationĒ stops Kim Southall's release
ORW: An Interoffice Communication from Susan Crowder (Records Office) on 9/29/03 clearly states:
"A Parole Certificate has been received for you. You will be leaving on 10/27/03."

Miss Janet Wiley (Records Office) received info from the DRC Central Office Friday, the 24th, around 16:30 that Kimís Parole had been stopped.
Wiley called for Miss Ginine Trimm, (Unit Manager) and left no message, Miss Barnhill (case manager) had answered the phone.
While leaving work on Friday, Wiley saw Jannette Stewart (Institutional Inspector) and told her that Kimís parole was stopped, and she should let her know.
Stewart contacted Barnhill from home on Saturday around 13:30 to let Kim know.
By this time, Kimís mother, Lois Frick, had already begun driving from Florida, and could not be notified. Lois has taken several days off of work to come to Ohio to see her daughter released from prison, after ten years.

After ten years, there hasn't been any more new information about this case. What are the odds that someone filed a petition with Victim Services (DRC), and they notified Central Office, who processed this information just in time to contact the ORW facility by late Friday afternoon, the last business day before her release? Are we supposed to believe that this is just a coincidence?

August 10, 2002
Inmate Assaults Mr. Norris
Robert Norris sustained injuries after being assaulted by another inmate using a belt to his face. He was later transferred to a medical clinic for treatment. It seems as though MCI cannot provide a safe environment for inmates, as they claim.

July 2002
Change of Address: Mr. Norris was relocated to Marion Correctional Institution (MCI), P.O. Box 57. This was an unrequested administrative transfer.

The records office at NCCI has known for a long time that Norris does not have a valid sentence. When asked for the true cause of his detention, they always refer to a "1998 nunc pro tunc Resentencing Order". There is no record of this on the Appearance Docket from the court. This week, a certified copy of the court's Journal was served on that office. NCCI continues to hold Norris as a hostage with no excuse for doing so.

January 2002
Stark County Prosecutors Deliberately Conceal the Truth and run away from open court hearing.
HB180 Hearing for Robert Lee Norris and Kim Southall

December 2001

R. L. Norris raises health issues at NCCI
June 20 Accommodation Request August 13 Disposition of Grievance
July 27 Informal Complaint August 21 Mattress Kite
ORC 5120.21 October 24 Inspector Decision
July 31 Informal Complaint November 1 Job Assignment Appeal
August 11 Informal Complaint November 7 Informal Complaint

August 2001
Conspiracy at NCCI: Norris's Legal Research Destroyed
"They confiscated and destroyed all of my NEW forensic materials gathered over the past 30-45 days for my federal habeas corpus action...they took my white-out, 'abandoned all of my law books where they would be stolen', and aside from all this, I am repeatedly being given conduct reports for 'this and that'...they even took my paper clips."

Norris has filed complaints and grievances with the Institution:

Sept. 1    Complaint
Sept. 26  Memo
Oct. 1     Complaint
Oct. 3     Grievance

February 10, 2001
All three men spent the day in seg, in violation of Ohio law.

February 7, 2001
I received a call back from the Warden's Office.  Now she says that she was mistaken.  Actually, the memo says that they should follow the illegal sentencing orders from the trial court judge.  I warned them not to, because it would be unconstitutional, double jeopardy, and a violation of civil rights.

February 6, 2001
I called the Warden's Office at RCI to ask them not to put Eugene Johnson, Derrick Wheatt and Laurese Glover in segregation on February 10th.  (See their web site for details)  The secretary told me not to worry, that they had a memo from the DRC that they were not supposed to follow such sentencing orders.

February 2, 2001
Today Channel 19 News came over to interview me about the web site and the station aired the story at 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00. Reporter Ed Gallek asked Cuyahoga County Prosecutor William Mason what he thought about it too! See video clip.

August 11, 2000
Today Mr. Norris was given the news that he will not be transferred from NCCI, and he will be taken off of the Mental Health Caseload list.  It's true, that together we can make a difference.

July 22, 2000
NCCI plans to move Mr. Norris to another institution, MCI, because they need more mental health patients at MCI to maintain staff employment.  They may think that this is an opportunity to get rid of him.  However, he is not a mental health patient, and is not on any medication for mental illness.  He is not a threat to security, and he is not violent.  The DRC simply doesn't want to comply with the state laws.  Rather than deal with the objection of civil rights violations, they want to remove him from the institution under the guise of mental health.

July 20, 2000
Mr. Norris was released from segregation (the hole) today without explanation.  In fact, he was never written up for conduct in the first place.

July 7, 2000
After Mr. Gaddis filed his brief in the 8th District Appellate Court, the prosecution had until June 30th to respond.  According to the Clerk of the Appellate Court, the prosecution made no response, and no argument or disagreement with Mr. Gaddis' brief.  That's Great news!

July 3, 2000
Today Mr. Norris was escorted out of the cell block in handcuffs and sent to solitary confinement, (the hole) after demanding his release this week.  He revealed the documents concerning his sentencing to prison authorities a week ago, and has had several meetings with them since.  Although they agree that he is correct, and has no legal sentence, they refuse to release him, in a clear violation of his civil rights.

Any prisoner who touches the fence will be shot.  Mr. Norris has threatened them that he will hit the fence if they do not release him.  The authorities would be guilty of conspiracy to attempted murder since they knew that he was a hostage without a legal sentence, and agreed that he should not be there!  However, he has given them no options, they must release him or be guilty of violating his constitutional rights, and murder.

He has declared a hunger strike as long as he is in solitary confinement, so that if he would die, they would be guilty of killing an innocent man.  Mr. Norris said that he will refuse liquids after one week.

Prison officials who refused to speak with Mr. Norris about the matter, admit off the record that there are some apparent problems with the sentence.  However, they insist that even if the sentencing entry is void an unenforceable, the inmate has no right to complain or to demand to the State of Ohio to protect his civil and constitutional rights.  Prison officials say that itís not their job.

They argue that the entry is valid until a court says otherwise, but the law says that it was void from its inception. The bottom line here is that it has nothing to do with the courts or filling motions, rather, if the entry is void as a matter of law (from its inception) the Executive Branch authority has not been invoked.

Although Mr. Norris was given a 3 month supply of his twice-daily pain medication and eye drops last month, now, all medications have been discontinued.  All this is the result of his demands to be released from the control and custody of the executive branch, because he was incarcerated without due process of law.

June 30, 2000
The Office of the Prosecutor of Lucas County was asked to investigate the matter of the affidavits that Ms. Golebiewski has.  John J. Weglian, Chief of the Special Units Division, responded by saying "It would appear that someone should file a Motion for a New Trial on behalf of Ms. Golebiewski."  This is great news!

June 27, 2000
Ms. Southall has filed for her writ of habeas corpus in the United States District Court.  I wonder if they will take the time to notice the truth.  The warden, Deborah Cooper, certainly did not.

June 2, 2000
Mr. Gaddis received the copy of the filed brief, and it indicates that the evidence was never given to the prosecutor in the first place, and that the prosecution had no evidence to convict Mr. Gaddis at all.  We expect this case to be overturned.

May 19, 2000
Inmate Assault at NCCI
17:30  All inmates in the block were ordered into the chow hall while the bunks get shaken down because of an alleged silent alarm.
18:50  Mr. Norris is patted down last, by corrections officer Alexander, and sent to the other side of the room to sit with the others.
After most of the others were gone, but not yet allowed back into the block C.O. Bradley tells Mr. Norris that he wasn't patted down, does it again, then holds onto his shirt pocket while hitting him in the chest, jerking him back and forth and causing his legs to slam into a fixed chair. Lt. King and C.O. Bradley were laughing with C.O. Alexander while he was beating Mr. Norris.

This caused a disk in Norris' back to slip, causing intense pain all the way down his leg, and immobility.  Norris told them that it was unauthorized use of force, and they told him to go ahead and file a complaint, and they would throw him in the hole.  (solitary suspension without privileges)
Then they ordered him to leave the chow hall and go outside.  Others helped him and laid him on a bench, outside, where he stayed for about 45 minutes.  When Captain Springer came by, Norris told her what had happened and asked to go to the infirmary for treatment.  He was treated and released.

Later in Captain Springer's office, they told Norris to file a statement, and C.O. Alexander denied patting him down.  Norris refused the filing of a complaint, since it would only serve their goal of further confinement, and placed a call to the State Highway Patrol.
20:35  Norris filed a complaint of the incident with Trooper Vinson at the State Highway Patrol.  Charges will be filed with the FBI.

Editor's Note:
This is your democracy.
Your government imprisons innocent citizens and beats them.
Especially the Black ones.
Your news media will never tell you about this.
Just pay your taxes.

April 28, 2000
As you know, we've had no complaint with the Ohio DRC (Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections) except the obvious, that they don't rehabilitate or bring correction, and waste taxpayers money on inmates who have committed no crime. However, this week they have denied Ms. Southall of receiving her mail, and did a shakedown on Mr. Neal, (stole his personal property) all without reason, merit, or injunction.  The State of Ohio reserves certain rights to those who are incarcerated, and the DRC has (possibly under order) violated those civil rights on several counts.  They want to flex some muscle.

These inmates are model citizens, and have not been so much as written up on an infraction, yet they are being harassed. 

Our complaint has always been with the county prosecutors, judges, and crime labs which conspired to convict innocent citizens, like yourself, of crimes they did not commit.  As we know, they all drink from the same dish, and conspire together to protect their unlawful deeds, so they try to put pressure on those in custody by harassment and restrictions.  We suppose that such authorities are not fond of the truths presented on this web site, and as new information is presented, they persecute the inmates in hope that we will settle for injustice, and back down in our fight for truth and justice.  Of course, they are mistaken.  In fact, any harm that comes to them will be loudly broadcast to the world through this site.

As the agencies of the State of Ohio continue to break their own laws,
we will post that information here, as well as information
about those who obstruct justice for innocent citizens.

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Special thanks to:
Governor Bob Taft
Mayor Richard Watkins
Judge John F. Boggins
Criminalist Michele Mitchell
Ohio DRC

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