Could you please explain how the process works?  What exactly do you do?
If a prisoner has valid documents that support their claim of innocence, we will post them on the web site for the world to see. After reviewing a case, if we conclude that reasonable minds would not bring a conviction with the available evidence, then we will post it.
Many times defense evidence is witheld from the trial, witness are treatened to lie, or the prosecutor confuses the jury so they miss the truth.

We offer a defense fund to defer the cost of attorneys, an e-mail address, and color flyers that can be mailed out by the inmate or distributed by the inmate's family. Inmates can use these tools to communicate to others much more easily.

It is our hope that by exposing the hidden truths in these cases, we will raise public awareness of what really happens in the judicial system, so that people who have the means and ability to bring change in our government will be provoked to act. We operate this web site, and let innocent prisoners know that they are not alone, and not without hope.

By speaking the truth, we put pressure on those in public office to obey the U.S. and State Constitution, and laws, to help bring accountability. If we do not speak up, and do nothing, we can be sure that there will be no changes in the judicial system.  If we expect to see changes in our government, we must let them know that we will not tolerate illegal and unconstitutional processes.  See our Mission Statement.

My friend has been in prison for 7 years.  Does this make a difference in handling the matter?
Not to us!  If you did not commit the crime, you are still just as innocent of it as you were before. It is only state laws that put limitations on time, allowing governments to ignore the truth and let real criminals go free, neglecting their responsibility for truth and justice.

Do you work with prisoners outside of the State of Ohio?
We certainly do. This organization is located in Ohio, and these are the cases we hear about most.

Are you lawyers?
We are not lawyers, and we don't play them on TV. We have no attorneys or private investigators on staff at this time. We are computer specialists who have not allowed this society to squeeze us into their mold. We are concerned citizens who realize that this judicial system has become perversely corrupt, and all citizens are at risk of being their prey.

Is getting this word out going to help you in any way?
Absolutely! The more we bring attention to these injustices and this web site, the sooner the news media will have to pay us some attention as well, and eventually, these governments. If the public taxpayers realized that they were funding a socialist government under the guise of democracy, there would be a revolution, once again. Every one of these prisoners is counting on you to tell everyone about this web site.

By publicizing this on the Internet, does it draw attorneys, other advocates for prisoners, etc., to respond and get involved?  Is this how it works?
Yes, basically. Many people who are involved in civil rights causes have contacted us so that they can help. However, an attorney cannot take a case just because he/she knows about it. They must be presented with a case by someone in order to work on it.  Still, you just never know who might be compelled to help.

I noticed that you have scriptures on your site.  Are you a Christian organization?
Yes we are!  In fact, this organization would not be here if it were not for the compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and standards of truth and justice that Jesus has invested into our own hearts. We believe that prayer changes things, and that God specializes in impossible situations.

Who is receiving this E-mail?
All E-mail comes to the IIAO, and is automatically sorted into folders for each prisoner. We print them and send them out with our mail.  This provides a quick and easy way for you to send them information, encouragement, and questions without having to write it down on paper. Prisoners do not have access to computers. They will have to respond to you through regular U.S. Mail. We will not attempt to contact you unless you specifically ask us to. We consider all communication to be private, and will never give your E-Mail address to anyone.

If you have other questions about the IIAO, please E-Mail us.

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