Stark County Prosecutors Deliberately Conceal the Truth

HB180 Hearing for Robert Lee Norris and Kim Southall

The Ohio DRC recommended that Norris and Southall be declared sexual predators.
A hearing was set for Jan 7.
Hearing continued to Jan 10.
Court appoints private counsel: Atty. Wayne Graham
Norris is transferred to Stark County Jail.
Hearing continued to Jan 16.
State prosecutors file a motion to continue the hearing after Norris is released.
Judge Charles Brown grants motion to continue.
Norris is transferred to back to NCCI.
Objection to motion filed with the court.
Brief of Appellant filed on Appeal to the Fifth District Court

The Prosecutors are afraid the truth about this case will be heard in court.

Oh please, that's not a very good reason to be afraid of a little court hearing.

What could Norris possibly say in court that would make the prosecutor run away?

It appears that the prosecution's motion has as its foundation an appeal to concealment rather than disclosure. Ohio taxpayers expect that the prosecutorial process of the court reveal truth in circumstances for proper judgement, and never manipulate this system to conceal information for their advantage, thereby undermining the fairness of due process.