Projects and Ministries

INNOCENT! with Doug Tjapkes

Justice On Trial

Help us CURE-Ohio of Injustice

A Nation of Too Many Prisoners?
This is a Must-Read Article

Justice Denied
The Magazine for the Wrongly Convicted

Freeing the Innocent; Stories of Wrongful Convictions

Duquesne University Law School
Duquesne Law Post Conviction DNA Project for PA State Prisoners

Mothers Against Injustice
Working to bring justice to all people
Abounding Love
Abounding Love Ministries, Inc. testifies that anyone can be forgiven and changed, even a former member of the Manson family. Charles Watson is now born-again in Christ, ministering the Gospel to prisoners and to people around the world.
Prisonbid is a place for families and loved ones of inmates to reach out to each other, gain information and offer support.

Fighting Miscariages of Justice

Truth In Justice

Prison Fellowship Ministries

No More Prisons

Correctional Education Connections
Giving Voices and Choices to Inmates

Ohio Death Row

Prison Legal News
Working to Extend Democracy to All

Texas Prison Abuse Campaign
...and you thought my web site was harsh!

The Sentencing Project

American Prisons
From the UK for the USA

Trial and Error
Chicago Tribune

Jimmy Lerner
Author of "You Got Nothing Coming: Notes From A Prison Fish"

Imaginary Crimes
True stories of people convicted of crimes without evidence

BreakPoint is a program of The Wilberforce Forum, a division of Prison Fellowship Ministries.

ERIE VOICES A Northern Ohio Investigative/Opinion Journal by Elsebeth Baumgartner and Bryan DuBois

So Many More Innocent People
Bob Gondor and Randy Resh

The Kenny Richey Campaign

Ronald Cotton's Wrongful Conviction

Beyond Reasonable Doubt
The story of Derek Christian

Free Vincent Doan

Howard Fuson & Denise Monk

Legal Links
Ohio Revised Code

Ohio Adminisrtative Code

Ohio Court Rules

8th District Court of Appeals

Supreme Court of Ohio

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

List of Ohio Prisons

U.S. Court of Appeals 6th Circuit

U.S. District Court - Northern District of Ohio Opinions 

Ohio Public Defender

Find Law
Everything in Legal Information

Cuyahoga County Docket

Stark County Docket

Hamilton County Docket

Franklin County Clerk of Courts

Lucas County Clerk of Courts

Cook County Clerk of Courts

Lake County Clerk of Courts

Supreme Court Decision Search

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