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Judges Trumped, Bankruptcy Filing Stays Contempt Case
No court can conduct an action unless they have jurisdiction, the power of a court to adjudicate cases and issue orders. Because Ottawa County Common Pleas Court has no jurisdiction in the Elsebeth Baumgartner contempt case, the trial scheduled to open Monday can’t go forward. See North Country Gazette Article.
Visiting Judge Denies Motion and Ignores Facts
On March 7th, 2006, visiting judge H.F. Interlied Jr. rendered his judgement against John Peters denying his Motion for New Trial. During the two days of evidentiary hearings in November last year we heard startling testimony revealing how exculpatory evidence was withheld from defense cousel by then prosecutor Timothy McGinty. See John Peters Page
Magistrate Judge Withdraws Recommendation to Dismiss Petition
On December 7th Magistrate Judge Norah McCann King had recommended to dismiss John Frazier's Federal Writ of habeas corpus. After defense attorney William R. Gallagher filed a Supplement and Objections to the Report and Recommendation on January 9th, the judge has now filed an Order to withdraw her Report and Recommendation. See the motions and orders on Frazier's Page.
Sirak Class Action Suit Dismissed Feb. 1st
Judge Carr Issued His Opinion and Dismissed the Case In Its Entirety, but Sirak Will Be Back
IIAO Becki Miller broke the devastating news today through e-mail and the Parole Reform Discussion Group. Federal Judge Carr's decision represents a conflict with other recent rulings in similar suits against the APA, not the least of which are Dotson, Layne, Ankrom, and the January 12th Ohio case in Hernandez. Our hearts and prayers are with the clients, their families, the Siraks, the Millers, and all the volunteers who gave of themselves to get us this far. Something must have gone awry.
Murder Convicts May Get New Trial
Bob Gondor and Randy Resh Appeal Motion for New Trial from 11th District
AKRON Beacon Journal - 11/26/05 The Ohio Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for Jan. 25 in the bizarre case, and attorneys for both men say they are confident of winning after repeated delays and setbacks. See Article   Free Bob and Randy
Clarence Elkins is Set Free From Prison!
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A prosecutor on Thursday dropped all charges against a man serving a life sentence for murder and rape, freeing the man after serving seven years in a case that turned on DNA evidence on a cigarette butt that had been dropped by another inmate. WOIO Article
Spirko Execution Delayed
Spirko had been scheduled to die Nov. 15th, but on Monday, Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro requested a 60-day reprieve to allow time for the DNA testing that Spirko's lawyers have been seeking. Plain Dealer Article
DNA Proves that Clarence Elkins is Innocent
But I'll bet you the Prosecutors and Judges will Never be Held Accountable for Ruining his Life
Akron- Clarence Elkins, serving a life sentence for killing his mother-in-law and raping his niece, is innocent and should be freed, Attorney General Jim Petro told Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh on Friday. Plain Dealer Article
Ohio Prisoners Win Major Medical Class Action Lawsuit
US District Court issues a Stipulation for Injunctive Relief in Fussell v. Wilkinson. The Court appointed MIT found, "a clear pattern of problems emerged early in our work and was confirmed as we continued." Read the Story  Press Release
The Story of John Wesley Frazier, Exclusive by James F. Love
Let a cop get killed,...and today's justice system is all too ready to throw the Constitution out the door. And you, the people of this great country, are too willing to let them. John Frazier was sentenced to Life in prison without ever being first found guilty of a crime. Read the Story   Frazier Page
9/14/05 COLUMBUS
Judge Cain Issues Decision in Ankrom, Over Contempt Motion
"Clarification should not be necessary at this point. Nonetheless, the court will attempt to make it as clear as possible. And, while the court believes the defendants may be deliberately distorting the orders..." Read the Decision
Motion for New Trial Postponed for John E. Peters, Jr.
Hearings previously scheduled for this week Have Been POSTPONED until November 14th-16th. Peters
9/08/05 COLUMBUS
Taft postpones man's execution to allow new clemency hearing 
Gov. Bob Taft has delayed the execution of death-row inmate John Spirko so that the Ohio Parole Board can give him a second clemency hearing - an unprecedented move prompted by concerns that the board got inaccurate information in the first go-round. Plain Dealer article here.
8/27/05 COLUMBUS
Step Aside Texas, Ohio Loves Murdering Innocent People Too
State misstates facts in death row case: Prosecution fighting inmate's clemency bid 
Ohio prosecutor Tim Prichard lies to the Parole Board to ensure the murder of John Spirko. Please note that State Officials are never held accountable for their illegal activites. Plain Dealer article here.
Columbus, OH
10th District Court of Appeals Affirms Ankrom v. Hageman
A great decision for old-law inmates who had plea agreements. Assistant Public Defender Charles Clovis characterized the Court of Appeals’ decision as “a major victory.” Read the Public Defenders press release. Get the decision in PDF format here
US Supreme Court Decides Wilkinson v. Dotson
State prisoners may bring a §1983 action for declaratory and injunctive relief challenging the constitutionality of state parole procedures; they need not seek relief exclusively under the federal habeas corpus statutes. See Decision
Kenny Richey gets new trial
After 18 years on Ohio's death row, the 6th Circuit Court says give him a new trial or set him free. Kenny Richey
Chaplain Ted Kaplan
Long time prisoner activist Ted Kaplan passed away on January 18th and will be greatly missed my many.
City Police Officer Resigns STEUBENVILLE 
Robert Mamula, 44, of Steubenville resigned Monday as a City Police officer after pleading guilty to multiple charges of illegally processing drug documents, possessing drugs and drug trafficking. See article and Koniski's response.
Ankrom Case Appealed
Notice of appeal has be filed in the Public Defender's case in Ankrom.
Motion for New Trial Granted for Eugene Johnson
Judge Nancy Russo finds the defense has met their burden by clear and convincing evidence and grants a new trial for Eugene Johnson, the defendant with the greatest culpability from the East Cleveland Three, in the spirit of Thomas Paine.
9/7/04 [Public Defender]
Recent court ruling on parole hearings should result in prison closing, saving state tens of millions of dollars
Granting parole to 2,750 inmates who have been denied meaningful parole consideration would save the state nearly $60 million annually. Read Article (...and Mayor Jane Campbell wants to know why Cleveland is the poorest major city in the U.S.)-editor
9/1/04 [Public Defender]
Court orders Parole Authority to give meaningful consideration to thousands of "old law" inmates
The Franklin County Court of Common Pleas issued a final order in the class action civil rights lawsuit known as Ankrom.
City to pay $1.6 million for man's prison time, Cleveland also agrees to review old cases
Michael Green will get a lot of money from the city of Cleveland, but he's also getting what he wanted most: change in the justice system. The city agreed Monday to pay Green $1.6 million for the 13 years he spent in prison for a rape he didn't commit. See the PD series here.
Sirak Files New Suit Against Ghee and Farmer
The two counts raised, Tortious Interference and Civil Conspiracy describe Farmer deceiving an inmate's mother and taking money from her to get her son a parole, and Ghee visiting the inmate, a Plaintiff in Sirak's case, to tell him that Sirak had already lost the suit. Truth is stranger than fiction. Busted Selling Paroles
Online Petition Demands the Release of Old Law Inmates
Jenny Warwick's petition also demands the release of inmates who have satisfied their time imposed by the Parole Board if they were put in the proper guideline category, and emphasizes the extreme waste of $4.7B of taxpayer's money by the Parole Board, and the disparity in sentencing.
Supreme Court Rules Against Parole Board in Layne Decision
Since the APA imposed their new guidelines in 1998, they have been sentencing people to crimes they never committed, but now they must obey the law for a change. Read decision.
Norman Sirak Files Answer and Cross Claims
Sirak's motion in the suit against the Ohio Parole Board details the Abuse of Discretion, Arbitrary and Capricious Decision Making, and much more.
Apprendi Challenges Ohio Sentencing Laws
A recent lawsuit filed in Lucas County challenges the constitutionality of imposing extra terms without due process. The state court has removed the case to the U.S. District Court.

Patrolman Robert Mamula terminated from PD
The arresting officer who gave false testimony against Joe Koniski has been fired from the Steubenville Police Department for four alleged violations of policy. Herald-Star article

Prosecutors Run From Hearing
Stark County prosecutors are afraid of facing Robert Norris in court, and file a motion to continue hearing "until further notice".
Cleveland Investigator Indicted
A recent Plain Dealer article reports that Cleveland Detective Gregory Wheeler,  who worked in the Sex Crimes Unit, was indicted on Dec. 27th on charges of dereliction of duty, tampering with evidence, falsification and forgery. 

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