John Wesley Frazier, #328-957
Ross Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 7010
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Case No. 93-CR-FB-0057
Alleged Offenses: Agg. Murder, Agg. Robery
Prison Term: 43-Life
Sentenced: 5/16/96
On February 21st, 1993 John was walking to his cousin's house. That same night, a Dairy Mart store in Lancaster was robbed at gunpoint. As police searched for the suspect, officer Brett Markwood was shot and killed.

But John was not there. Only the group of police and Fairfield County Sheriffs, conducting the search.

Almost an hour later, they came upon John and arrested him. He did not have a gun or any stolen property. The gunshot residue test came back negative. Still, he was a convenient target. Full Story

John was NEVER Found Guilty by Any Court
No finding of guilt or jounalized judgment of guilt appears
on the certified docket at any stage of this case against John,
nor does any document from the tiral court or transcripts
reflect any judgment of guilt.

Conspiracy Against Civil Rights

Magistrate Judge Withdraws Recommendation to Dismiss

02/15/06 ORDER: Report and Recommendation Withdrawn
01/09/06 Motion to Supplement Petition and Objections to Report
12/07/05 Federal Petition for Writ of habeas corpus filed
           Report and Recommendation: to Dismiss
10/26/05 Petition Dismissed Without Opinion by Ohio Supreme Court
09/16/05 State Petition for a Writ of habeas corpus
05/16/96 Sentencing Transcript

If there was ever any real evidence, or a proper judicial process,
it would not have taken 3 years to sentence Mr. Frazier.

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