Antonio M. DeLeon, #370-415
Lebanon Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036
Case No. 98-CR-796
Alleged Offenses: Att. Murder, Drug Trafficking, Poss of Drugs
Prison Term: 10-31 years
Sentenced: 1998

DeLeon was arrested without valid warrants,
denied due process and railroaded by corrupt officials,
while having a solid alibi.

None of the three eyewitnesses identified DeLeon as the shooter.

Benson, Brown and Miles describe the shooter as clean shaven.
Virtually all other witnesses swore that DeLeon had a beard, including his barber.

In fact, the closest witness, Tashia Benson, examined DeLeon
at the Suppression Hearing and clearly told the court
that Deleon was not the man she saw.

Statement of Case and Facts
Motion to Suppress
Round 1: Affidavit for Bias and Prejudice
Prosecutorial Misconduct Causes Judge to Recuse Himself


DeLeon Conspiracy
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