Jay B. Van Story, #477649
Texas DCJ
Wynne Unit, 3 Dorm 42
Huntsville, TX 77349
Case No. 87-406741
Alleged Offense: Sexual Assault
Prison Term: Life
Sentenced: 1989

Twice the victim was threatened by Prosecutors to lie at trial

"...she expressed genuine relief. She sobbed openly.
She testified she had been waiting a long time to tell the truth.
She expressed deep sadness and regret about having been coerced
into falsely accusing me of sexually abusing her."

Houston Press Article
December 2004

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I Strongly Support That Jay Be Pardoned
Excerpts from Fellow Prisoners' Letters of Support

December 1, 2003
The Strongest Case I Have Ever Seen Presenting a Claim of Innocence Excerpts from a Letter of Support from Austin, Texas Attorney
Roy E. Greenwood

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"...my heart has been burdened by the fact that an innocent man is imprisoned because of my false testimony.”
Travis Ware's Reign of Error and Terror
At Long Last, Freedom
Even after the alleged victim came forward, Harvey remained falsely imprisoned for years. The prosecutors had careers to protect.
Anyone Can Be Falsely Convicted
The Torturous Death of Innocent Prisoners


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