by Jay B. Van Story
August 31, 2005

The alleged victim has continued to provide extensive details about how corrupt officials, namely former CPS investigator Roger Bowers, former D.A. Travis Ware and First Asst. D.A. Rebecca Atchley, forced her to falsely allege that I had abused her.

She has also remained rock solid in her recantation. Everyone she has talked to is thoroughly convinced that what she is so adamantly and emotionally insisting, is true.

We have recently discovered that the lead investigator, Roger Bowers, was so incompetent and corrupt that he was put on probation twice by his supervisors. Like the prosecutor, he was a rogue official who routinely committed misconduct.

It has also been revealed that her mother admitted that I am innocent, and that she was forced by corrupt officials to falsely allege that I had abused her daughter, just before she died in 1999.

Several more prominent attorneys have joined the effort to remedy this tragic injustice against A.C. and I, including Bill Wischkaemper and Jeff Blackburn, both prominent Lubbock attorneys. Mr. Wischkaemper has helped uncover Travis Ware's serious misconduct in other cases, including the intentional use of false testimony and evidence, and failure to disclose evidence of innocence.

Mr. Blackburn led the effort to obtain relief for over three dozen innocent citizens who had been falsely convicted in another West Texas town, Julia, in 1999. They were all pardoned in 2004.

Mr. Blackburn helped uncover evidence that the lead investigator and the D.A. had intentionally used false testimony to get convictions, along with the Sheriff.

Also, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recently denied the application for my Full Pardon, filed by the Texas Innocence Network. Unfortunately, the board very rarely recommends a pardon for anyone, unless the D.A.'s office asks them to. In my case, the D.A.'s office is still trying to cover up the obvious, blatant misconduct which it committed.

They have publicly stated that they never consider a pardon for anybody under any circumstances.

I remain confident that God will continue to work through everyone involved in the effort to free me from false imprisonment. Truth and justice will soon prevail! Thanks to everyone who is helping and who is praying for A.C. and I. God bless you! God bless A.C.!

Soon, a writ of habeas corpus will be filed in Lubbock. I pray for a fair hearing, something I've been waiting 18 years for.

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