An Open Letter to Lubbock, Texas Officials
by Jay B. Van Story
May 7, 2005
This is an open letter to every city, county and state official who cares about truth and justice, especially those in Lubbock, Texas. I would like to sincerely appeal to your conscience and good nature. 

The alleged victim in my case (A.C.) insists that she told CPS investigator Roger Bowers the truth about my innocence from the beginning. Unfortunately, according to her, he repeatedly refused to listen to her. Instead, he falsely suggested to her that I had sexually and physically abused her. He wouldn't accept her repeated denials of his false suggestions. He made her believe that if she didn't adopt his false suggestions against me, she would never be able to go home.

There is overwhelming evidence that what A.C. is now adamantly and convincingly insisting is true. 

From the beginning, A.C. has tried to tell everyone what really happened. Finally, people are listening. Her statements are very credible and believable. Everyone she has talked to the last few years is thoroughly convinced that what she is now insisting is true. 

As an adult and a Christian, she fully realizes the horrible consequences her false testimony against me had. She has expressed deep sadness about having been forced by Bowers, former Lubbock County D.A. Travis Ware and his first assistant Rebecca Atchley to falsely testify that I had abused her. She Just wants the truth to prevail. 

Please do the right thing by believing and helping A.C. Please don't shun her or hurt her. Please do not try to cover-up what Roger Bowers, Travis ware and Rebecca Atchley did to A.C. Please do not become complicit in their malicious, illegal scheme. 

Bowers committed the initial fraud in this case. He then recruited others to exert corrupting influence over A.C. As soon as he took her away from her mother, she was left solely in the company of individuals who had been instructed by Bowers and other CPS workers to encourage her to continue to make false abuse allegations against me, and not give her any opportunity to tell and maintain the truth about my innocence in this case. They acted in reliance of Bowers' instructions and the fruits of his initial fraud, not knowing or caring that they were being deceived by Bowers, into propagating his fraud. 

Bowers' interviews with A.C. in early April 1987 are a sad example of the worst kind of abuse and victimization an official in his trusted position can perpetrate against an innocent, vulnerable little child. He utilized interviewing techniques that have since been completely discredited through extensive research by child suggestibility experts. Such illicit techniques have been shown to often produce false allegations, as they did in this case. 

Using such discredited techniques, Bowers could have forced A.C. to falsely accuse ANYONE of ANYTHING! 

Travis Ware and Rebecca Atchley eventually learned that the allegations that I abused A.C. were completely untrue. However, they chose to cover it up. They were not decent and honorable prosecutors. They cared nothing about truth or their duty to see to it that justice is done.

At the time of my trial in 1989, they were deeply involved in a wide-ranging conspiracy to solicit and suborn false testimony to get convictions. This was later revealed when they were both sued under the RICO Act and Federal Civil Rights Act in 1993 for maliciously prosecuting other innocent individuals. 

To keep their rampant misconduct and criminal enterprise from being exposed, they coldly and cruelly forced A.C. to go BACK to falsely testifying against me after she had tearfully recanted in court in 1989. She testified then that she had been waiting a long time to tell the truth about my innocence and Bowers, Ware and Atchley's misconduct. They made her wait a lot longer to have the opportunity to tell and maintain it. 

The justice system in Lubbock, Texas has miserably failed both A.C. and I at every turn. It is well past time for current Lubbock officials to right this terrible wrong. The damage done to A.C. by Bowers, Ware and Atchley has been immense, devastating and long lasting. They carelessly destroyed her trust in authority figures. They callously robbed her of her childhood and her innocence. They emotionally and psychologically tortured her.

They maliciously corrupted her by making her tell terrible lies about me, against her will and under threat. They made her say she had been abused by a man who had never harmed her in any way. They made her suffer extreme guilt for having helped cause an innocent man to be wrongly convicted, even though it wasn't in any way her fault. 

Bowers, Ware and Atchley were supposed to be protecting A.C. from abuse. Instead, they abused her themselves and caused her to be abused. They put her back in the hands of her actual sexual abuser, who continued to molest her and other children, as well as terrorize her and her family through threats and attempts on their lives. A.C. has been permanently and severely scarred as a result of Bowers, Ware and Atchley's malicious acts.
Bowers, Ware and Atchley forced A.C. to imagine horrible, perverted acts of sexual assault that never occurred, and that no child should ever have to think about. They made her suffer just as much as a child who had actually been abused in such terrible ways. 

A.C. is finally free to tell and maintain the truth, now that she has grown up and has been able to safely remove herself from the evil, corrupt control Bowers, Ware and Atchley held over her for so long. She is very eager to set the record straight. 

During Travis Ware's tenure, it would have been an unpardonable breach of the corrupt political social order he headed in Lubbock if anyone involved in my case had voiced any concern or doubt about the integrity of the investigation or prosecution of my case. For even one of them to have strayed from the official version of events would have sent the entire legal structure in Lubbock tumbling down. 

Now that Ware and his staff have been thoroughly discredited and disgraced by the many revelations that they were thoroughly corrupt, that is no longer the case. As trusted Lubbock officials, you have a solemn duty to seek the truth and act upon it in every case. To do less would be to violate the public trust.

If you truly care about truth, justice, and innocent victims like A.C., you will support her in her courageous decision to come forward with the truth, hear her cries for help, and finally let her put this horrible, tragic nightmare behind her. Even if you don't care about me, please at least care about her. I pray God will guide you as He has her. 

Most Sincerely, 

Jay B. Van Story 

P.S.:  No one is safe from being falsely convicted when the system fails as badly as it did in my case. However, it would be wrong for me to condemn the whole justice system. The fact is, we do have the best system in the world. Itís not perfect. Itís a human-operated system. However, only so long as the system constantly strives toward improvement and learns from and corrects its mistakes, will it continue to be the best in the world.

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