I Strongly Support That Jay Be Pardoned
Excerpts from Fellow Prisoners' Letters of Support
Written from late 2004-2005

I have known Jay for the last nine years and throughout those years he has been an asset to those around him. He has also been a role model, always giving his time and expertise in job-related functions and showing compassion and

sincerity in giving a helping hand to those who may be in need. Jay continues to show each and every day in his actions toward others that he truly is a quality person. I strongly believe that Jay was false convicted and is innocent of the charges against him. The evidence of innocence in Jay's case is overwhelmingly strong. The prosecution in this case severely compromised the integrity of the criminal justice system to secure a false conviction. Because the evidence of innocence in Jay's case is so overwhelming, I strongly support that Jay be pardoned and set free. 

I have known Mr. Van Story since 1991. Based on personal knowledge acquired during the 14 years since 1991, I can attest to his character and his behavior. Mr. Van Story is a man of integrity, high moral values and peaceful nature. He has exhibited these character traits consistently during the time that I have known him. Mr. Van Story has done all that TDCJ has requested of him. He not only has worked diligently in all work assignments, but has always given more than asked for. 

A fair system of justice would not allow a person to remain behind bars once the accuser has courageously stepped forward to admit their trial testimony was not the truth. A verdict obtained through perjured testimony should not be allowed to stand lest it serve to encourage others to commit perjury and erode respect for the integrity of our justice system. 

I have known Jay for 8 years. His work ethics, including diligence and dedication to his assigned job, are commendable. During our many talks Jay has shown a good moral character and an obvious concern for other persons. He is not prone to character attacks of others even when he is attacked by others. Even though Jay has spent many years in prison for a crime he apparently did not commit, he is not really very bitter and I believe would be satisfied just to get out and have it all behind him. 

In the evidence that I have seen Jay was caught up in a political nightmare. The Innocence Network does not easily give their support. The evidence must be overwhelming for innocence before they will petition for a pardon for anyone. All things said and done, I believe Jay is innocent of the charges he is incarcerated for and that he will be an asset to society if he is released. I believe a pardon is definitely in order. 

I have known Jay Van Story for about 10 years now. That's quite some time to get to know someone as a person and how they are. I can tell you from my personal experience of being around Jay that he is a very kind person who has a heart as big as ever and would give you the shirt off his back just to help a friend in need. He is very quiet and intelligent and minds his own business and doesn't meddle in other people's affairs. He is a very loyal and trustworthy friend who gets along very well with everyone.

In short, Jay Van Story is a swell guy and a good human being who has very high standards and moral ethics. How could you not like a guy like that? I feel that the criminal justice system should reevaluate Jay Van Story's case and find out who the real victim is. I would have to say that Jay is the real victim after serving 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

I have known Jay since 1990. I see him every day. Prison to Jay has been a living hell. He was picked on and abused by other prisoners, all the time knowing and maintaining that he was innocent. Money is scarce in prison and while I would buy Blue Bell ice cream as the first thing on my list, the first thing on Jay's list would be stamps and supplies to fight his case. 

The fifteen years I have known him, he has been fighting his case. Jay is a good, honest, and hardworking man. He has been very diligent in the jobs he has held at TDC. All of his employers have spoken very highly of him, and that is very rare in TDC. I believe Jay should be pardoned and set free. I believe Jay was falsely accused. All three key state witnesses have admitted that Jay is totally innocent. 

This letter is in support of a pardon for Jay Van Story. I have known Jay for approximately 9 years and during that time we have become good friends. Since our first serious talk Jay has maintained that he is innocent of what they have convicted him of. I have had the opportunity to witness the real person Jay Van Story is through our interactions. Jay gets along well with others. Although he has expressed he is here unjustly, he is a very productive person. He has managed his time wisely and has made every effort to help those that need help.

In closing, I truly believe Jay Van Story is innocent and should be granted a pardon. A great miscarriage of justice occurred 17 years ago when Jay was convicted. I pray that this miscarriage be made right.

I have known Jay Van Story since January 2000 as a co-worker, fellow believer in our Heavenly Father and His Scriptures and especially as a friend. Jay has been an exemplary inmate, doing the best he can -- being innocent when most others are guilty. No matter what abuse guards, inmates and others put him through as though he were guilty, he stayed his humble, quiet self and persevered.

Jay has also taught himself valuable job skills while incarcerated with difficult computer programs -- all self-taught. He would be a valuable asset to any company or corporation that needed design and computer skills. Jay has shown not by words but by example what a model inmate should be and to think he didn't do anything to deserve to be in this penitentiary environment.

We, and especially myself, are praying that Jay Van Story will be shown that justice may prevail in the State of Texas and that he be pardoned for things that he never did. His hope and perseverance has been incredible.

I'm writing this letter on behalf of Jay Van Story, who I have known over 5 years. In the time that I have come to know Jay he has shared with me the circumstances surrounding his case and his innocence. I've met many people in prison that claim to be innocent and he's one of the few that I have 
actually believed based on his character. He just seemed so out of place in this environment. I wasn't surprised when new evidence came out proving what he has been saying all along. He turned down a plea bargain that would have set him free many years ago because he didn't commit the crime. A guilty man would have jumped on that kind of plea bargain.

In an environment where nice guys do finish last, and because of Jay's timid non-violent demeanor, he has been the victim of repeated assaults and abuse. Even after all these years incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit, he remains optimistic and has kept a positive attitude and a hopeful outlook on the future. He's one of the most intelligent men I have met in or out of prison, and he has a great deal of potential for succeeding upon his release. He takes all this in stride with a perseverance, that not many innocent men could muster. In his years behind bars, he has never given anybody any problems and has remained a role model inmate.

If I had any doubt concerning Jay's innocence I wouldn't even waste my time writing this letter. Having lived and worked in such close proximity with Jay over the last 5 years I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an innocent man and should not spend one more day behind bars. I pray that the right decision will be made in his case and that true justice will be served.

In the time I have known Jay (2 years) he has shown himself to be a bright, kind and compassionate person who is always willing to help others. He continuously performs his job at a level far above expected norm. I have discussed Jay's case with him on many occasions and it is my belief that he was wrongly convicted. The Innocence Network has thoroughly investigated Jay's case and has also determined that he was wrongly convicted. Jay has spent the last seventeen years of his life locked in prison for a crime that he did not commit. During that time he has steadfastly maintained his innocence 
and has done everything humanly possible to get someone to pay attention to the injustice that he has suffered.

Jay has been a model prisoner since his conviction -- a feat that is all the more remarkable when you consider that he could very well have been too bitter about the entire affair to have the ability to cooperate with those who were illegally incarcerating him. I believe that this shows the true character of this man. I don't know very many people who would be falsely imprisoned for seventeen years and still have the character required to perform at the level that Jay performs each and every day.

It is my opinion that Jay should be pardoned for the charge that has him currently imprisoned. The facts of the case, the testimony of the now adult accuser and the results of the investigation done by the Innocence Network all point to an undeniable truth that Jay Van Story should be set free.

I have known Mr. Van Story since 1997. During the time I have known him, Jay has always asserted his innocence of the crime for which he was convicted. From what I have seen of the evidence, he was wrongly convicted. I believe Jay to be a good person who cares for others. He has imparted some of his knowledge of graphic design to me and always helps to the best of his ability. I believe that Jay should be set free due to prosecutorial misconduct and actual innocence, our criminal justice system in this case failed to do its job. I believe Jay will become a law abiding, useful member of society. A pardon is without a doubt needed. People with less to show have been pardoned.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jay for four years. Jay is a good person who is willing to help others and also willing to teach others. I have found him to be a man who keeps his word, stays out of trouble and minds his own business.

I find that the evidence in his case screams "a miscarriage of justice" -- and there is no doubt that Jay is innocent of the crime he is charged with. Anyone who examines his case could only come to the same conclusion. 

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