Consider This, U.S.A
by The Editor

Let's say that you're a 26 year old male, and you're caucasian.  A young white guy.  And let's say you were in a bar in the flats last weekend, and were talking with some ladies, telling jokes, having a good time.  A few drinks later, while conversing with a young lady who is African American, you know, black, you end up in a disagreement.

Let's say it's a heated discussion and you both have strong feelings, then you say something you shouldn't, and she slaps you.  This is embarrassing, so you want to be cool, so you shout some things back at her.  The shouting continues, and you are both escorted out of the bar for being out of control.

A few days later you are pulled over by the police and arrested on charges of rape.  "This is crazy!", you say, "I haven't done anything wrong!"
You plead not guilty at the arraignment, and sitting in jail really stinks while waiting for a trial.  Still, you know that you didn't rape anyone, and once you get a chance to tell your side of the story in court, they'll understand.  This is the United States, after all, not Iran.

Finally, trial day comes and it's nice to just walk somewhere.  The Judge is a black woman, but that's not unusual.   You notice that the prosecutor is a black man, but that doesn't bother you, they have to give you a fair trial.  Then the jury comes in, and every one of them are black men, you know, African American, in their forties or older.  Is this a coincidence?  "Wait a minute here," you say, "don't I get a trial by a jury of my peers?"

You are told that jury selection is conducted by voter registration listing, which is constitutional.  Surprise, white boy!

What's the matter?  Not fair?  What's not fair?  Justice is blind to color and race, after all.  Don't you think the all black jury will know the truth when they see it?  Don't you trust them to have good judgment of the facts presented?  Oh, come on now, no need to sweat.  They won't form any opinions just because you're a white man charged with raping a black girl.  Let's just hope the prosecution doesn't bring anyone to the stand who ever heard you say "nigger".

peer:   ( 'pir )   : noun
                     1 : one that is of equal standing with another : EQUAL; especially : one belonging to the same societal group especially based on age, grade, or status.

So, who really cares if jury selection by voter registration is a process deemed constitutional?  When you're on trial, you want a jury of your peers to show up to hear the trial, regardless of what the selection process was.

Ask yourself this:  Who does the jury represent more, as a peer?  The defendant or the accuser?

Consider This:  If the jury are more peers to the accuser than the defendant, perhaps the jury selection process isn't so constitutional after all.


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