Brett Hartmann
PLA Chuck Quinn's Perjury

Prosecutor Judy Bandy blatantly sought perjured testimony from a rebuttal witness she called, Police Legal Advisor/Detective Chuck Quinn, testimony she KNEW to be false. The elicited testimony from Mr. Quinn was designed for one purpose only, to discredit me and my mother, Carol Parcell. 

The entire reason that Police Legal Advisor Chuck Quinn was brought in as a rebuttal witness was to say that I did not inform the police about finding the body until after the search of my apartment, which was not only a lie, but it allowed the prosecution to destroy any credibility that I had, by trying to show that I continuously changed my story to meet the evolving evidence.

Chuck Quinn testified that when Detective Urbank first took me home, that I did not make it back to the police station until after the first search of my apt. TR1932, 1933

But, Detective Urbank testified at the suppression hearing that when he took my home, Captain Gilbride pulled up and had him place me under arrest, and that he then took me back to the police station and placed me in an interview room. TR36

And, Lt. John A. Lawson testified at the suppression hearing/ agreed with the prosecution that I was returned to the police station under arrest, and that he obtained a search warrant for my apt at 10:45am. TR53

As you can see, based on the testimony of Det. Joseph Urbank and Lt. John A. Lawson, I was taken home and was placed under arrest and was then returned to the station, and that it was not until 10:45am that a search warrant was obtained and that my apt was then searched.

Chuck Quinn's testimony about when the search was done is extremely important as is allowed the prosecution to show that I was a compulsive liar and that I changed my story to fit the evolving evidence.

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