Brett Hartmann
Pay Phone Discrepancies
On September 9, 1997, while I was with Winda Snipes, she received at phone call at 3:31am TR1823

She did not answer the call, she just let it ring untill the caller hung up. TR1650

A few minutes later she said that I had to leave because her boyfriend was coming over. TR1823

She received another shortly after I left, she did not answer this 3:36am phone call either. TR1650

Detective Joseph Urbank testified that the calls came from a pay phone in Kennmore (which several towns away). TR1650

On April 18, 2002, my family hired an investigator to inquire into the origination of that 3:31am phone call. The investigator was able to determine that the phone calls that Detective Urbank testified came from a pay phone in Kennmore, had actually come from a pay phone on the corner of West Market Street and North Highland Avenue.
(see affidavit

The pay phone that these phone calls came from is less than 100 yards away from Winda Snipes's Apartment, which is located at 21 South Highland Avenue. (see map

I have no idea of what the states reasons were for withholding the true origin of these phone calls. But it has to be of some importance for a nine (9) year veteran of the Akron Police Department (3 years as a detective) to commit such blatant perjury on the witnesses stand to something that could so easily be proven a lie. 

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