James Stamper Case Points
Jaley said that Dave and Todd were rowdy, and James asked them not to bring alcohol into his house. [tr387]  Dave tried to get Jaley to drink, and she was afraid of him. [tr390]

Stephanie testified that Hutchens got angry after being confronted about the alcohol, [tr450] and that Hutchens attacked Stamper. [tr461]

Hutchens was abusive toward Stamper's sister, Tracy Rister. [tr487]

Hutchens pushed Stamper down [tr404-406], Hutchens lied about it [tr272]

Stamper told Hutchens that he didn't want to fight. [tr439]

Stephanie indicated that Stamper did not grab Hutchens by the hair [tr460] in contrast to the statement investigator Bill Latham authored for Stamper. [false statement]  In fact, Latham is the only one who came up with that story.

Hutchens continued to go after Stamper after they went back inside. [tr491]

Hutchens only had a bloody nose and a black eye. [tr492]

The OSU Hospital record states that Hutchens was kicked in the right eye.  [tr168, 171]

Dr. Lewis Joseph Chorich III, an assistant professor of ophthalmology at OSU testified that it would take 2500-6800 psi to rupture an eyeball. [tr140]  Dr. Chorich also admits that it is unusual to expect this kind of injury from a fist fight. [tr163,164]

Bill Latham, investigator for the prosecutor's office, first said that his purpose in visiting James Stamper was to see if they could offer information about the incident. [tr327]

Latham later admitted that Stamper was a suspect and did not tell him what the accusations were. [tr348, 349]

Latham lied to the court by saying that Stamper told him that he struck Dave six or seven times, [tr332] even though the actual statement he wrote said five or six times. [falsified statement]  Latham knew that Stamper could not read or write, [tr335] and lied to the court saying that Tracy read the statement to him, [tr337] and that Stamper agreed to it. [tr338]

About fifteen bicycles were moved by the detectives before they took the pictures of the scene.  No one from the household ever moved them.  Jaley's testimony reveals tampering. [tr399, 400]

State prosecutor Bartholomew doesn't let Rister finish her answer, that Hutchens was not "injured pretty badly". [tr496]

Bartholomew is afraid of the truth coming out in court, and convinces the judge to suppress the truth.  Stamper's so-called defense attorney (Weade) is a wimp and lets it go. [tr498, 499]

The jury wants to know the truth about Stamper not knowing what the statement said that he signed, since Tracy never read it to him. The court suppresses this information and Weade wimps out again, siding with his cousin, the honorable Judge Kathleen Aubry [tr662]

Hutchens said that he was employed, [tr242], other documents said he was unemployed, and the jury wondered why he was claiming workers compensation for his injury. [tr666]  Neither the court nor the so-called defense attorney bothered to find an answer to this important question.

If you want a fair trial, be extra careful not to get arrested in Wyandot County.


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