Prison Denies Mail to Southall

  When Kimberly Southall received mail on April 18, 2000, they wouldn't
  give it to her.  She had to fight with the prison officials at the Ohio
  Reformatory for Women, and they finally gave it to her, with this "Notice
  of Contraband" describing "illegal internet material".

  Of course, this raises some questions, What is illegal internet material?
  If it's illegal, why is it received at other Ohio prisons?  What law was
  broken by this internet material?  If it's illegal, why did they eventually
  give it to her anyway?

  Perhaps they just want to harass the inmates.

  Again, on April 26, 2000, letters from another Ohio inmate were sent to
  her, but CO Bolvert refused to let her have it, and would not tell her why.
  According to the State of Ohio, inmates have the right to receive mail,
  but Southall's rights are being withheld by the ORW, a State run facility.

  What makes the situation even more curious is that the mail was reviewed
  and cleared as acceptable by another Ohio institution, or they would not
  have sent it.

  Perhaps Sgt. Ogen or Lt. Bolten can help clear this up for us.
  We'll let you know what we find.

©2000 IIAO Inc.