Judge Dan Polster misses the whole point


On page 5 he admits that electrophoresis testing was never conducted:

This means Kim Southall and Robert Norris should never have been convicted!

Wrong Judge Polster!  It has nothing to do with when she could have discovered
that Stark County manufactured the evidence and lied about it,
it's all about a violation of civil rights!

If you are literate you will see that she did not fail to identify when it was discovered,
the dates are clearly marked on each of the documents.  Maybe if he visited this
web site he wouldn't be so confused.

Are they blind?  Were they bribed?
It doesn't matter when we figured out that Michele Mitchell lied to convict
Robert and Kim, the fact remains that there was no evidence to bring a conviction, and
the State of Ohio is holding innocent people hostage!

By refusing to review this case on its merits, you have violated
the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution.

Judges Polster and Streepy should be removed from the bench.

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