John E. Peters, Jr.
Motion for New Trial Hearings
November 14, 2005

Hearings Begin With a Strong Start
Four Witnesses Testified for Peters

Today defense attorney Ian N. Friedman called four witnesses to testify in behalf of convicted rapist John E. Peters Jr., in support of his Motion for a New Trial.

Testimony began with one of Peters' former attorneys, the incomparable Stuart Lippe, followed by Mark Kaiser, Peters' former trial attorney, who made it clear that several new documents were never revealed at the original trial, and he did not know of these recantations at that time.

State Assistant County Prosecutor Alan Regas had a difficult time forming coherent sentences and questions for the witnesses, and made the court wait several times while he researched his paper work and lost his place in his presentation. Visiting Judge H.F. Interlied finally had to correct him sternly, letting him know he needed to get on with it, or give it up.

As an objective third party, attorney Wayne Williams gave clear testimony concerning Anna's recantation providing a solid support of Peters' actual innocence.

Vicki Clark, who counseled the alleged victim after Peters' conviction, was almost dismissed when Regas objected to her testimony as privileged information. Friedman presented good reason with case law to allow her testimony because of the serious nature of this hearing. 

Regas had no better argument and Clark's testimony verified Anna's recantation again, over a long period of time.

Regas attempted to sidetrack testimony to other issues that have no influence on the hearings, but never succeeded in refuting the facts presented by the defense.

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