Things to Think About
by Esmond Neal

  June 12, 2000

Webster's II New College Dictionary gives the following definitions of "justice":

1 : the principle or ideal of moral rightness; EQUITY.  conformity to moral rightness in conduct or attitude : RIGHTEOUSNESS.
2 : the upholding of what is right and lawful. especially: fair treatment or punishment in accordance with honor, standards, or law : FAIRNESS.
3 : the quality of being fair or impartial
4 : sound reason
5 : the administration and procedure of law.

As of September 28, 1998, myself and my loved ones lost faith in a Country and system that has always claimed to give it's people due and fair justice, regardless of race, creed, age, or social status.  Since that time, I've become painfully aware that I am not the only person wrongly convicted under this false oath and promise.  We, as citizens of America, have been lied to!

Most importantly, I've learned that justice is not only blind, but deaf.  Why else would you have thousands of people being ignored after coming forth through appeals, the media, and now web sites presenting evidence to prove that they're innocent, yet they continue to sit in prison?  It becomes clearly evident that this unjust system is not only making mistakes, but is also reluctant in fixing them when they're obvious.

That in itself poses another question: "Are these mistakes or the intentional destruction of lives?"  I strongly feel that in my case, Sgt. Ketchem, Prosecutor Doug Maragas, and even the judge appointed to my 2nd trial, knew that they were throwing an innocent person to the wolves.  In my opinion, Dennis Hinkel was either forced, coerced, or paid to partake in this.  True enough, he was shot, but he knows, as well as Raymond Jackson, the guilty shooter, myself, and God, that I didn't shoot him.

What is also obvious to anyone is the fact that the police department collected evidence that showed that Raymond Jackson was there with other suspects (Roger Bowman and/or Terez Davidson) and that I had no connection whatsoever with this crime.  Yet, they still proceeded to blame me without so much as a phone call to the convicted felon, who's prints they found (Roger Bowman).  Pretty good police work, wouldn't you say?

Of course, Doug Maragas used every bias tactic available in place of evidence to obtain a conviction.  He used irrelevant stolen material, kicked everybody of color off of the jury, promised a guilty party a sentence deal, and most importantly, lost crucial evidence that would prove the identity of the person who shot Mr. Hinkel.  That's not justice, that's corruption and cover-up tactics.

Even the sentence that I was given was unjust.  A man was just convicted in the same courtroom for stabbing another man to death.  He was given 5 years with a chance for early release in 6 months.  I am not eligible for judicial release until 2006, and no death or guilt was involved.  Justice?

There was another man convicted in 1998 of beating someone to death, and then burning their body with gasoline.  In the same court, he was given 10 years.  Does it matter that both of them were convicted of killing someone, and I wasn't?  Of course it does!  Look at the second definition of justice.  Honestly, the system is only concerned about numbers!  The number of convictions, the number of dollars juiced from taxpayers, and even the number of dollars a guilty party is willing to pay for freedom of punishment.

I was given such a high sentence not because of the nature of the crime, but because I went to trial twice, attempting to prove my innocence and receive the justice I'm entitled to as a citizen of the U.S.  Instead I was convicted of a crime that I didn't do, because the system needed a "head" to pay for the cost of those court proceedings.  These are not conspiracy theories, but truths!

In all, no one has received due and fair justice in this case except for Raymond Jackson, and even his punishment is not complete, because God says "You shall not bear false witness."  He did just that, and he knows it.  What about my son Evan?  His father was taken out of his life for no reason.  What about my mother?  Her youngest son is in prison for no reason?  What about my grandmother, brothers, and other loved ones?  More importantly, what about Dennis Hinkel?  The person who shot him is still free, probably laughing at the fact that I'm doing time for his crime.

As citizens who paid for all of this, and are subject to this happening to you- Did you, or are you going to, receive justice?  If it is allowed to go on, it will continue until it reaches your front door.  Ask yourself this- after knowing the complete definition of justice, do any of the cases that you've read on this web site have the attributes of justice?  Of course not.

The system is telling society that it's


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