My Statement
George A. Laguta
This case really started in 1986 when I chased a couple drug dealers out of the London Pickle Works (LPW) tavern in Brecksville, and one sustained injury. Subsequently, I was prosecuted (by Lt. J. Hruby/Sgt. J.T. Neforos), and when I refused to pay-off I was sentenced without a lawyer by Judge Ralph A. McAllister, on a charge I never pled guilty to (case no. CR207224).
Then, using falsified records, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority held me three years [1] beyond the expiration of the illegal sentence. I was released on parole July 9, 1991 and falsely arrested four months later. Please bear in mind that I am not seeking escape from a sentence on mere technicality, but truly where an innocent man was wrongfully convicted, and for over ten years all of his avenues for relief have been out rightly foreclosed/obtructed by the trial judge, Daniel O. Corrigan, to cover up the atrocity.
After an alleged assault on August 7, 1991 at LPW, Brecksville Police were seeking two men in their mid 20's, clean shaven with long blonde hair as suspects. On December 4th they arrested me, a 44 year old with short dark hair and beard/mustache, with an alibi. As a part of my parole from the 1986 incident, I was barred from entering Cuyahoga County, and was not at the scene.

It turns out that the alleged victim's name is really Charlotte, contrary to her writing Charlene on the statement she gave to the BPD, which contains no allegations of violence or injury, no description of suspects, and no complaint of any wrongdoing.

A criminal conviction was fraudulently procured in case no. CR275462 by prosecutor Roger A. Wadsworth who not only changed the name of the alleged victim, but also added a charge of rape after they discovered that I had an alibi. Assistant Prosecutor Edward M. Walsh and Sgt. J.T. Neforos, along with defense counsel James J. McDonnell, altered photo arrays, withheld evidence and were assisted by judge Daniel O. Corrigan who was on medication and had to quit in the middle of the trial. He denied all my pretrial motions, denied me the right to testify on my own behalf, then had me sentenced by his fraternal buddy Judge James J. Sweeny, who could not even face me during sentencing (sat sweating while I told him what they did), and sentenced me to 27-40 years for nothing I did.

If that's not enough, both judges have obstructed justice in every post-conviction action I have filed, to keep concealed what they knowingly did while on the elected bench of honor.

You can see the records in the Anti-Trust/RICO action [2] which I and my citizen witnesses brought against Sgt. J.T. Neforos, et al., (a good lesson in how cases are fixed) which was obstructed process by Judge Donald C. Nugent, [3] then dismissed by Judge Patricia A. Gaughan [4], or see how my Federal Habeas Corpus [5] was obstructed process by Magistrate David S. Perelman and Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr.

Subsequently, on September 24, 1999, I was threatened by Mansfield Correctional Investigator Joe Massi (for Warden Betty Mitchell) to "discontinue my legal affairs of suffer consequences". On September 29th, ManCI Staff Sgt. Pam Shaw, CO John Markley and CO Ham confiscated six boxes of active legal material, [6] and on November 1st placed me in segregation for 23 days because I attempted to contact the FBI, and for refusing to send active legal material out to friends and family.

On November 21, 2001, a lie was conjured up that I had threatened a librarian while requesting notary services [7] to retrieve records for DNA testing, I was cast into seg for eight months, transferred to Trumbull CI and most all of my legal records are either impounded or missing [8].

In conclusion, the records I speak through contain the truth of how they knowingly manufactured a case of assault and rape against a totally innocent man.

[1] See G.A. Laguta v. M.T. Ghee; OAPA, et al., USDC Cols. OH No. 96-7250, Federal Habeas Issued by Honorable Judge John D. Holschuh, transferred to Cleveland, only to be fixed by Judge Donald C. Nugent, USDC Cleve. OH No. 1:96-CV-2724, obstructed on Appeal, 6th Cir. No. 97-3217.

[2] See records in G.A. Laguta; B. Hardin; G.R. Schilling v. J.T. Neforos; C.L. Willoughby; R.A. Wadsworth; J.J. McDonnell; E.M. Walsh; S.T. Jones; City of Brecksville, et al., USDC Cleve. OH No. 1:94-CV-1088, dismissed on other grounds, Appeal 6th Cir. No. 96-4171.

[3] Judge D.C. Nugent, while Federally appointed to preside in 1:94-CV-1088, openly ordered/ruled (altered records) in State Proceeding (G.A. Laguta v. E.M. Walsh; J.T. Neforos; J.J. McDonnell., 8th Dist. Ct. App. No. 65100) to fix a tampering with evidence case to allow the prosecutor, BPD and defense counsel to escape criminal liability.

[4] See G.A. Laguta v. Sgt. J.T. Neforos., Cuy. Cty. Comm. Pl. Case No. 381863, process obstructed and dismissed by Judge Patricia A. Clearly, to conceal discovery of true perpetrators.

[5] See records in G.A. Laguta v. C.S. Anderson, et al., USDC Cleve. OH No. 1:96-CV-1699

[6] See Rafael Deitz Groswirt; G.A. Laguta v. The Columbus Dispatch, et al., USDC Cols. OH No. C-2-99-CV-0263, discrimination, civil rights suit for "refusing to publish a contracted ad about our wrongful convictions", then see: G.A. Laguta v. DR & C., OH Ct. of CL. Case No. 2000-02615, "telecommunications fraud committed to change policy to cover up taking legal records".

[7] See Bobajidi v. G.A. Laguta., O.S.Ct. Case No. 02-0372, dismissed on other grounds.

[8] See S/O G.A. Laguta v. D. Kancler, et al., Cuy. Cty. Case No. CV-460918 (active case, attempting to retrieve records for DNA testing)

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