What you are about to read is a transcript of a tape recorded conversation between the
  Jefferson County, Ohio, Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Stephen Stern and Mr. Earl George.
  You are going to read for yourself, this State Prosecutor, instructing Earl George to,
  after I am robbed, "Take Ratsy out on the spot....and I mean right there on the spot."

Rough Transcript of Tape


  Stephen Stern, District Attorney
  Earl George

  Note: "Ratsy" is Joseph Koniski's nickname from childhood.

  Stern:    Municipal Court record 6,000 in Jefferson County by James De Sabia
  represented by Sinclair De Patrios attorney holds interest in the Buckeye
  Land Co. in Mingo.  Is that the Buckeye we're talking about in Mingo?

  Earl:    Yeah.

  Stern:    Is De Sabia his real name?  His name is James De Sabia.  Did you know that?

  Earl:     No, I didn't.

  Stern:   It must be him.  De Sabia has interest in the Buckeye Land Co.
  maybe that's why they call him Buckeye.  Is that him?

  Earl:     Yeah, probably is.

  Stern:   Is he paying you off?  Huh, Earl?

  Earl:     I have to go to Mingo anyhow _______ _______

  Stern:  If I can figure it out...If I can figure it out for sure where he's making his drop...

  Earl:    If you can figure out a pattern where he is making his drop I got a guy
  who will look him up.  I got a guy that will strong arm him.

  Stern:  Take Ratsy out right on the spot?

  Earl:    Ok, yeah.  No problem.

  Stern:  Ok, if you can't get him that way before I leave with the Ray___ ___ ___ I don't
  want to blow it.  The key...

  Earl:    Nobody knows I got it.  It just fell off the ring when I tried it.  You know what I mean?

  Stern:  Just sit back and if it's the last thing I do I'll come back and get you.
  _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ and I mean right there on the spot.
  Just leave right after that happens.  I mean just be gone.

  Earl:    I got somebody to strongarm him.  I'm not worried about that.

  Stern:  You're not supposed to come alone.  I didn't know you were talking $30,000 as
  a witness chair or I wouldn't _____ _____ _____ _____ when I had to _____ _____

  Earl:    Yeah.   When his nephew was arrested he had $37,000.
  They gave the money back to Ratsy.

  Stern:  Is that right?  I don't understand it.  What's wrong with all of you.  Can't we get
  someone on a major bust that you bought your way out of him already.
  We need to set someone up, have him arrested, have him busted, and
  go to a certain attorney and buy their way out.

  Earl:     Oh, that can't be me.   I don't think, because he would
  suspect me too much with stuff like that going on.

  Stern:  Ok, if you get a call from that DA down there...

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