My Statement
by Willie D. Jenkins Jr.

I am clearly incarcerated on false charges from the State of Ohio
A  The State of Ohio charged and convicted me for ten years for rape and felonious assault on my live-in girlfriend, Ramona Taylor. Ramona testified every time that she appeared in court that these charges were not true and that the courts are making a big mistake with these charges.

Ramona testified before the Montgomery County Grand Jury, before I was even indicted, that I did not rape her or assault her. Somehow, I was still indicted. During my trial, Ramona testified for the defense only, and that she was the aggressor in our domestic dispute, when she attacked me with a knife while she was intoxicated after finding out that I got another woman pregnant.

I never hit her, I only wrestled the knife away from her and that's Ramona's testimony, and the truth. Ramona and I were the only people in our home when this encounter took place. Then Ramona went down to the apartment below us to cool off and told her friend not to call any police, because she was the one who started this entire situation, and that she just wanted to rest until morning or until I went to work.

The next morning while Ramona was asleep in her friend's bedroom, her friend called the police and told them that Ramona was inside her bedroom asleep and that her boyfriend had beat her and raped her the night before. The police and paramedics came and Ramona told them to leave her alone and they forced her to the hospital and pressured her for eight hours to say things that were not true. She felt that they were not going to let her leave, go home or rest unless she said that I had raped her. The extent of Ramona's injuries were a split lip and bumps and bruises that were caused when we struggled and wrestled on the floor, over the knife that she attempted to attack me with. She was never hospitalized, medicated, or anything resulting from a serious assault.

The Court of Appeals affirmed my conviction, and stated in their opinion that the jury could reasonably conclude that I raped Ramona, even though she testified that I did not. This does not make any sense at all. The State has clearly abused their power and convicted me for ten years on false charges and no victim at all.


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