Elizabeth Golebiewski

Court Records

During the trial, three sisters were called to testify.  Patricia Woodall, Linda Rader, and Zora Arquette.  Here are just a few of the many confusing statements that were made, and other points about Terry.  These people can't get their stories straight.

12 kids or 5 kids? I wasn't hysterical. Pages 421, 453, 454
We went into the bedroom...the paramedic was with us  Pages 452, 457
Terry Lied  Page 458

She had just...got the hospital on the phone as Liz was coming home  Pages 484, 486
Was Terry upset?  Which statement is correct?  Pages 497, 498
Not the way you would treat an infant, is it?  Page 500

He grabbed her  Pages 522, 523
I don't remember...that was 6 months ago Page 545
Nobody walked back there but me and him Page 551
Pat wasn't on the phone when Liz came back  Page 556
She went back to call the hospital Page 557

Melvin C. Minnfield, Firefighter:
One person went with me, first door on the right  Pages 664, 677
You saw a crib  Page 678
She was not back in the bedroom? Page 680
2 bunk beds?  Brown crib in front bedroom  Pages 682,683

Thomas Ross, Detective:
The second door on the right is the children's bedroom, there were side by side bunk beds  Pages 807, 808


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