Documents Served on Lucas County
from the editor

Knowing that I had new exculpatory evidence in my possession, I was under obligation to serve the Office of the Prosecutor with those affidavits, so that I would not be liable for withholding Brady materials, (new evidence) as others have been.

On June 15th, I asked the Office of Julia Bates, Lucas County Prosecuting Attorney, to investigate this situation as a matter of justice, and the Chief of the Special Units Division, John J. Weglian,  responded by saying that "It would appear that someone should file a Motion for a New Trial on behalf of Ms. Golebiewski."

I couldn't agree more!  Let's have a new trial with the new evidence.  After 17 years of being held hostage, it's about time!

Note:  Julia Bates is the wife of the prosecutor from Elizabeth's trial.


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